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Canada-China Healthcare Institute is a non-profit organization committed to the principle that disease prevention and early stage disease detection is the highest goal of medicine.

A world leader in novel approaches to healthcare, CCHI pairs the latest Western disease risk assessment technology with ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and alternative therapeutics.

Our approach is unique. We offer members of CCHI a simple, personalized, user-friendly blood test within a comprehensive program of healthcare. Based in award-winning technology, our Blood Genome Signature (BGS) is a dynamic RNA blood gene expression risk stratification methodology. BGS provides personalized test results that help our health professionals guide our clients to make individualized, evidence-based choices in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and in the most appropriate alternative therapies and TCM.

Members of CCHI exclusively have access to the technology provided by the Dynamic Genomic Risk Assessment Centre, CCHI Pharmacy and Wellness Centres.