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Our mission at Chi Health Pharmacy is to provide our clients with integrative and personalized health care. Our holistic approach integrates Western medications together with natural and traditional products to treat and, even more important, to prevent disease. Our healthcare professionals are dedicated to spend the time to assess your medications and natural health products, to help you understand how they will work in your body and to identify any products interactions. Chi Health Pharmacy is a cross-border enterprise that links Polar Bear Nutrition health care products, health food and Traditional Chinese Medicine with clients and consumers in North America, China and overseas. Our products are delivered directly from Canada to overseas consumers within seven business days. All of Polar Bear’s products are ethically-sourced and approved under Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Regulations. Are you travelling abroad or visiting us on a trip? No problem. We specialize in delivering your medication to make the process easy and simple for you. Use one of our many options to save time while ordering your medication. We promise excellence, dedication and integrative care to help our clients achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.