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Our approach is unique. We offer our clients a simple, personalized, user-friendly blood test within a comprehensive program of healthcare. Based in award-winning technology, our Blood Genome Signature (BGS) is a dynamic RNA blood gene expression risk stratification methodology. BGS provides personalized test results that help our health professionals guide our clients to make individualized, evidence-based choices in nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, and in the most appropriate alternative therapies and Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Our technology: Blood-based Genomic Signature (BGS)
BGS, a liquid genomic technology or liquid biopsy, was developed through advances in genomic microarrays developed during the era of the Human Genome Project. Our approach though, focuses not on the genomic DNA but on the expressed product, the messenger RNA. Each person’s pool of mRNA corresponds to their state of health and disease. The individual’s mRNA profile or transcriptome alters in response to the environment, drugs, immune modulators and is ever-changing in disease progression and healing.

BGS is the world’s first mRNA based peripheral blood test to pre-screen and assess an individual's current risk for eight types of cancer: nasopharyngeal, lung, liver, stomach, colorectal, breast, cervical and prostate as well as the non-neoplastic disorders such as osteoarthritis, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

BGS is an innovative technological platform derived from the Sentinel Principle, proposed by Professor Choong-Chin Liew, CCHI’s founder and chair, and developed by GeneNews Ltd, a Canadian biotechnology company also co-founded by Professor Liew. The Sentinel Principle technology stems from the concept that all clinical conditions and physiological body states, including those resulting from disease or in response to treatment, have defined and characteristic gene expression signatures in the blood influenced by the constant and dynamic biochemical and physiological interaction of the blood with the cells, tissues and organs of the human body. In 2006 the Sentinel Principle, with its emerging BGS technology, won the Frost and Sullivan Award for North American Technological Innovation of the Year.

Our Procedure
BGS is convenient, patient-friendly, non-invasive, and easy to administer. The procedure involves the collection of a small blood sample (2.5 mL) for analysis. A certified phlebotomist obtains a blood sample by venipuncture. In some cases a small amount of blood may be collected by finger prick. Clinical information about clients will be requested, including medical history, family medical history, ethnicity and caffeine, tobacco and alcohol use and exercise habits. Our blood testing analysis then provides each client with his or her individualized risk scores for disease and personalized information that can then be used to guide physicians in the CCHI Medical Division to provide advice and counselling on best therapy.