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On May 29, 2018, in Beijing, at the grand opening ceremony of the "Beijing International Trade Fair" Chinese Medicine Service Theme Day and the Overseas Chinese Medicine Conference, Director of Beijing Chinese Medicine Zhitao Tu, Vice Chairman of the Beijing Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Luming Yu, Vice Bureau Chief of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jianzhong Ma and co. led an exclusive interview with the Canada-China Healthcare Institute delegation led by Professor Choong-Chin Liew. Professor Liew's presentation on "Blood Genomic Signatures Are Key To Investigating Differential Syndromes in TCM" first proposed the use of Western genetics to investigate differential syndromes of Chinese medicine, which has had a major impact on promoting development of Chinese medicine outside of China. The event was of high specifications, was impactful, and was attended by numerous organizations.

Dr. Allan Gordon visits CCHI
Visitors to our Dynamic genetic testing and evaluation centre
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