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Many people with early stage colon cancer feel healthy with no symptoms and are unaware they have the potentially fatal disease until the cancer is in its late stages. Colon cancer is very treatable and curable if detected early, and becomes much more difficult to treat the later it is discovered. Thus, it is important to get tested early and often so as to begin treatment early.

The Colon Risk Assessment (CRA) test is able to detect early stage of colon cancer. CRA is a blood test that detects the expression of seven gene biomarkers that have been proven to indicate the early warning signs of colon cancer. Traditional methods for detecting colon cancer such as colonoscopies and stool samples are often strenuous, embarrassing and cause discomfort. CRA is a simple, quick and non-invasive test the only requires 2.5mL of blood, a quantity that can easily be obtained during a medical checkup. Additionally, CRA does not require any special diet or physical alterations before the test.