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Genomic Risk Assessment Centre

Our approach is unique. We offer our clients a simple, personalized, user-friendly blood test within a comprehensive program of healthcare. Based in award-winning technology, our Blood Genome Signatur...

Medical Division

Our Medical Division is a team of fully trained and licensed physicians for consultation and advice. Once our clients have received their BGS test results, CCHI physicians can help guide them towards ...


Our mission at Chi Health Pharmacy is to provide our clients with integrative and personalized health care. Our holistic approach integrates Western medications together with natural and traditional p...

The Wellness Centre

CCHI's Wellness Centre is a holistic professional healthcare service provider. We believe that a multi-faceted approach is vital in the treatment and prevention of illnesses. The Wellness Centre unite...

Canada-China Healthcare Institute


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Canada-China Healthcare Institute is a non-profit organization committed to the principle that disease prevention and early stage disease detection is the highest goal of medicine.

A world leader in novel approaches to healthcare, CCHI pairs the latest Western disease risk assessment technology with ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and alternative therapeutics.

Our approach is unique. We offer members of CCHI a simple, personalized, user-friend...


Professor Choong Chin Liew

Professor Choong Chin Liew received his PhD in Pathological Chemistry in 1967 from the University of Toronto. He is currently Professor Emeritus of Clinical Biochemistry and Medicine at the University of Toronto and was Visiting Professor and Senior Geneticist at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He co-founded and was chief scientist of GeneNews Corporation, a publicly traded biotechnology company based in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and is founder and chair of GeneNews Diagnostics (Malaysia) and Golden Health Diagnostics Inc., China.......

Colon Risk Assessment (CRA)

Treatable and curable if detected early

Many people with early stage colon cancer feel healthy with no symptoms and are unaware they have the potentially fatal disease until the cancer is in its late stages. Colon cancer is very treatable and curable if detected early, and becomes much more difficult to treat the later it is discovered. Thus, it is important to get tested early and often so as to begin treatment early.

The Colon Risk Assessment (CRA) test is able to detect early stage of colon cancer. ...


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Dr. Adeli


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Dr. Hwang


Dr. El-Fakhri


Dr. Mok


Dr. Lewis


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I highly recommend the CCHI laboratory to anyone who is serious about taking the necessary steps for long term health! The staff were all very friendly and able to accommodate my busy schedule. Because of the results of my test, I have made changes to my


Easy, quick and pain free, everything about CCHI was extremely professional and convenient for me. I didn’t know how much my current lifestyle was contributing to my high risk of getting cancer. My only regret is not getting this test done earlier.


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